Offshore Vessel Charging System

A pioneering mooring buoy with power supply for in-field charging.

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Oasis Marine specialise in renewable energy for the marine environment.
Our goal is to advance the use of green energy with innovation and solid marine engineering.
Our current focus is our pioneering development, The Oasis Power Buoy.

The Oasis Power Buoy

The Oasis Power Buoy is an offshore charging solution which allows vessels to moor up, plug in, and recharge, from a zero-emission wind turbine.

Initially aimed at Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) the Oasis Power Buoy provides the critical need for offshore charging for hybrid and all-electric vessels. Currently the greatest C02 emissions of an operational wind farm come from diesel powered maintenance vessels. By advancing the duration that hybrid and electric vessels can operate using clean energy, we are making these zero-emission vessels viable and enable major carbon reductions for offshore wind.

Innovative and robust engineering has created a design that is reliable and safe to use. Astronomical fuel costs can be eliminated, and operation and maintenance greatly improved.

The Oasis Power Buoy commenced testing early in 2022 and will continue trials into 2023.

Oasis Hydrogen Buoy

As we aim to transition to a net zero economy, hydrogen is emerging as a key fuel of the future, especially for the maritime sector. Funding has been awarded for the development of an efficient and safe Hydrogen Offshore Transfer System. This is a key piece of infrastructure to be developed alongside the development of hydrogen powered vessels, the creation of green hydrogen offshore, and the transporting of hydrogen in the maritime environment.


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